Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Walnut and Banana loaf cake

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 Craving for a dessert?try out this simple, no butter (yes none at all) loaf cake recipe that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time goes easy on your diet .
  Banana and walnut are one of the perfect combinations that can be categories as comfort food .Follow the recipe below for a great tasting healthy treat.

      Ingredient list:
      will make one loaf
  • wheat flour: 2 cups( I used whole weat flour)
  • eggs : 1
  • walnuts:1/4 cup
  • banana :2 no.
  • Milk    :1/4 cups
  • vanilla essence :1tsp
  • baking powder:1tsp
  • baking soda:1/2 tsp
  • agave or sugar :1/4 cup
  • oil :1 tsp or cooking spray for greasing the tray


  • Step1- preheat the oven at 375f
  • Step2-grease the loaf pan with cooking spray  
  • step 3-Blend the wet ingrdients to a paste,if using sugar then blend it too.
  • Step 4-measure out flour in a bowl ,add baking power and baking soda .
  • Step 5 - pour the wet mix in the bowl and fold in well ,don't over work the batter .If the batter feels stiff use some more milk
  • Step 6- add the 1/4 cup of walnut
  • Step 7- bake for 30min or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

The batter should be light and fluffy which ensure a soft and supple cake .Trick here is correct measurements ,if too much moister is added then the cake will be sloppy-and if too dry then the cake will be stiff -believe me when I say that ,coz I've had it all !
I don't like to add butter or oil in this recipe because the smooth paste of banana and egg imparts the much desired spongy texture to the cake, making it just melt in the mouth.
Walnuts are a good source of omega 3 and contain the good fats although one can always substitute it with nuts of their choice,feel free to experiment .Once I baked this loaf cake with choco chip and it turned out yummy.
The batter can also be poured into muffin pan which is a easy snack to go.This loaf cake is one of our favorite things to pack on an outing ,they stay fresh up-to 2 days if refrigerated.
I hope that you found this recipe helpful and interesting enough to give a try .
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