Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ragi (Finger millet) sweet and savory recipes

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Long time ! It sure feels good writing about food . Today's recipe is for finger millet prepared in two different ways -sweet and savory .
Ingredient list :
  • Ragi flour  1 cup 
  • sugar  -as per taste 
  • coconut shredded -1 tbs or more as per your liking 
  • salt -1/3 tsp(more for saute)
  •  black chickpeas -1 cup cooked 
  • onion - 1 small size
  • green chili -to taste 
  • few curry leaves 
  • 1 tsp oil
  1. Make a coarse mixture with the ragi flour + 1/3 tsp salt, adding little by little water at a time .If the water gets in excess then the mixture will get lumpy ,and if too little water is added then it will go dry so adjust the consistency carefully to that of a moist cornmeal. 
  2.  add one cup of water in a pressure pan and place on medium high
  3. arrange the mixture in an idli stand and steam cook for about 15 minutes in the pan(without weight )
  4. Once the mixture is cooked it will give out a nice aroma and will turn into a darker shade. 
Preparing the puttu (sweet version)

  • Take out a portion,add sugar and coconut.
  • optional -add a little ghee
  • serve warm .

Preparing the upma(savory version)

  • chop the onions and green chili 
  • saute in a pan with little oil adding 1/4 tsp of salt
  • add the curry leaves 
  • add the cooked black chickpeas and saute for about a minute 
  • Finally add the cooked ragi and turn off the heat .mix well. 
  • serve 

Here is a quick video tutorial:

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