Monday, April 8, 2013

Lemon grass-how to dry and store

Lemongrass a native to india and tropical asia,it's commonly used to flavor tea,soups,curries and meat.once this herb is dried it can be stored in an airtight container for a long period of time,so lets see how to do this today at home .

  1. start by washing and wiping dry the lemon grass
  2. peel off any dry stalks from the end and chop off the bottom
  3. now cut the lemongrass into 2 to 4 inch pieces using a sharp knife .
  4. next using a paring knife make thin slices out of the pieces 
  5.  lay these on a cookie sheet with enough space in between 
  6.  place the tray in your oven at the lowest temperature for about 3 hours with a small gap for the moisture to escape,let this sit until dry and brittle
  7. alternately you can sundry these for about 5 days to a week until they become brittle
  8. transfer the dried lemon grass to an airtight container and use for flavoring tea ,soups or any dish that calls for lemon grass.
Note: As per point 6 a small opening needs to be there for the moisture to escape ,for this I used a wooden spoon to keep the oven from completely closing .Atmost care needs to be taken the whole time if a child is around. 

Here is a quick video tutorial:  
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