Monday, July 29, 2013

Homemade Lip Balm-all natural recipes

 This is an easy recipe for homemade lip balm that I've been using for quite a while now.It basically uses two ingredients  and can be modified and customized as per once preference.
  The first ingredient needed is a carrier oil or base oil .I like to use grape seed oil for my balms and lotion because it's so light and gets absorbed by the skin really quick ,some other options for base oil are:

  • Olive oil 
  • sweet almond oil
  • sunflower oil 
  • jojoba oil 
  • walnut oil 
You can either use any one of these oils or can also try a combination of them ,it's totally up to your preference  .but make sure to keep the ratio right when combining different oils with the second ingredient which is Beeswax .
I  tried different ratios of oil and wax before finally settling for the recipe given below :
grape seed oil: 3 tsp
beeswax: 1/2 tsp
Optional ingredients
  • essential oils of your choice (used here is lavender) -1 drop
  • chocolate (used here is Mexican stone ground dark )-small piece about the size of a choc-chip

  1. measure up the beeswax and the oil  in an microwave safe bowl
  2. microwave for 30 sec and whisk until the wax is completely melted and well mixed with the oil
  3. add in the essential oil if using
  4. pour into tin molds or container of choice 
  5. Let this set and enjoy !
If adding chocolate add immediately after taking out from the microwave and mix until melted,if lumps remain microwave 10 more secs.
If you think that the balm is too hard for your liking you can remelt and add some more oil to it.
Here is a quick tutorial :
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