Friday, October 4, 2013

All natural body butter-homemade recipe

This is a simple recipe I came up with while melting coco and Shea in different proportions(since when do I do that? ,is the question, right?) .Well it all started very recently, (two months back to be exact) when I ordered one pound of each butter(raw unrefined) online and decided to go all natural by whipping up my own lotion ,potion and creams.It was an honest attempt to reduce cost on all natural ,high priced organic baby products ,that we used to buy and so far I'm loving the way things are paying off-the total cost for whipping up this 5 to 6 oz body butter is somewhere between 60 to 75 cents.This also works excellent  as a expectant mommy tummy butter ,and smells heavenly.So keep in touch for more homemade all natural baby,mommy and household essential products.Following is the recipe that will make about 6 oz body butter:

1 part Coco butter(1 tbs)
1 part Shea butter(1 tbs)
2 parts aloe vera gel (2 tbs)

  • Benefits of coco butter - penetrates not only the top layer,but also the dermis layer of skin where the body is more able to retain moisture.

High in naturally occurring  fatty acids and, hence ,works as an excellent moisturizer ,it is also high in antioxidants which reduce the signs of aging, and helps heal scars and fight stretch marks.

  • Benefits of Shea butter -similar quality as the former with additional anti septic and anti fungal benefits.
  • Benefits of aloe vera gel-soothing for the skin, moisturize,treats acne,anti aging and anti septic 
Method :   

  • start by adding both the butters in a microwave safe bowl ,heat this for 30 to 40 sec alternately you can use a double boiler and heat until everything melts 
  • leave this mixture undisturbed for a few minutes  and you will notice as it cools down it also starts to thiken
  • at this point add in the aloe vera gel 
  • using a wire wisk attachment or a hand held blender start whipping up the mixture until it resembles beaten egg yolks 
  • put this in the fridge just until it starts to set,which took about 5 minutes in my case 
  • beat  again for about 3 to 4 minutes until you notice soft peaks forming on both ends.done
  • scrape the contents of the bowl and store in air tight jars.
  • Make small batches use within 3 months.used here is 1 tbs coco to 1 Tbs Shea to two tbs aloe.
Here is a quick video tutorial:

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  1. Thanks a lot for the potato gulab jamuns as gulan jamuns are my it is my fav sweet dish ,my heart felt thanks as i have never tried the potato version of it.

  2. Where did you buy the ingredients...if you could mention the details of shop...thanks

    1. Hi shubhasshree
      Thank you for stopping by my blog post .the ingredients mentioned in the recipe for body butter were purchased online from amazon ,Also I need to mention that I live in california ,U.S and I'm not sure if you reside here or some place else ,try beauty supply stores of your area ,they must carry these items.Hope I was helpful.