Monday, December 23, 2013

Homemade everyday baby lotion/cream

Here is a recipe for soothing ,all natural lotion, that I came up with ,a while ago ,when I decided to cut cost and go all natural with our baby products.I always quadruple the recipe to make a big batch of lotion and store it in the fridge, in airtight jars, all labeled ,with a date on it ,and take out small portions as need.
 This lotion uses all organic ingredients and is hypo-allergic, but I recommend using it first on yourself before start using on baby.

1/4 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil                                          
1/4 cup raw unrefined shea butter
1 tbs organic beeswax
2 tbs cold press extra virgin olive oil
essential oil(optional)- here is a list of EO considered  safe for babies

baby safe essential oils
EO safe to use on babies

Why Coconut oil?
Coconut oil contains large amounts of lauric acid,which is a powerful anti-microbial and anti viral fatty acid found in helps prevent and eliminate baby acne,dry skin,diaper rash and numerous other skin conditions.
Coconut oil when taken ,either internally or applied topically helps treat yeast infections and can thus be called " miracle oil "for babies
Why Shea butter?
 Shea butter has been in use for centuries in the continent of Africa .The shea tree is considered sacred and babies are often welcomed to the world with a vigorous rub down with shea butter ,which is obtained from the seeds of fleshy fruit that grows on the very same tree.
 Its anti-inflammatory,antiseptic and anti fungal properties,helps with diaper rash,eczema and other dry skin condition.It has anti oxidants which protects the skin from free radicals.Shea butter is deeply moisturizing and soothing with naturally occurring fatty acids,vitamin E,D and allantoin

Why cold pressed extra virgin olive oil?
cold pressed olive oil is obtained from the first pressing of olives which is considered the finest with only 1% acid,if the baby has supersensitive skin,I would rather leave out this ingredient and replace with equal amount of coconut oil.

  • start by adding your beeswax in a glass jar
  •  to this add shea butter and coconut oil.
  • bring this mixture to a make shift boiler as shown in the video ,you can also use a double boiler for this purpose ,just make sure that the mixture is melted by the heat from the steam alone,to ensure that the goodness of ingredients used are intact.
  •  once everything is melted and incorporated well remove and add the olive oil.
  • mix well again and add in the essential oils.
  • The lotion will starts to set in a while , in my case it took about half an hour.
  • finally give it a good mix using a handheld blender or an electric mixer.
  • apply as needed
  • lotion will solidify if you happen to live in cold places.
  • Lotion will keep good for three months in room temperature,after that I have seen the texture change,but when stored in the refrigerator can be used for longer periods. 
 Here is a quick video tutorial:

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