Monday, January 31, 2011


Apartment living without a yard ?,well gardening is quite questionable, but if one has the interest, a small sunny  ventilated window sill can become a  blooming bounty .I always was blessed as a kid to be surround by plenty of tress, but with changing times i find it hard to connect with nature, for which - believe me, container gardening is an excellent outlet.
   Today i want to share my experience on growing Serrano chili peppers in container .I started of with seed as i love to see them germinate, but one can also start with a nursery bought seedling .The Serrano chili peppers belong to the capsicum annuum longum group with a very sharp flavour .I like them in all my chutneys as compared to jalape├▒o also they are around five time spicier .
    These took some 10-12 days to germinate ,as the potting mix used already had the required nutrients I didn't  add  manure or fish emulsifier and they turned out to be fine ,so also we can conclude that they are organic .
   Once they were an inch long i transplanted them to there individual containers( 6"wide and 8" deep) ,put them in a sunny spot of the window i can find so that they get at least 4 hour of sun.
 As the days went by the plants gained width and length and on one fine December morning they began to bloom .Not all the blooms turned to be a fruit ,a chili in this case,as it required pollination .At first Iwas not aware of this fact and was disappointed to see the flowers fall one by one without giving fruit ,then after googling  and tubing found out that the plant needs to be tapped on the stem so that the pollination takes place ,normally if the container is put somewhere the flies or any winged creature has an access it would be done by their help .
So after a long wait we get to see a chili on the plant by second week of jan and then another and another!
Decided not to pick them until they turn red .I would like to quote Keats here "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever ",and what can be more beautiful than nature herself? It gives me such a joy blogging about gardening ,hope u guys had a good time reading it .will be back with a new post
till then

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