Friday, January 21, 2011


Hi friends
Today i want to share with u some of  my experiments with brown rice that turned out really well.I'm not going to bore u with the nutritional value of brown rice and bla bla ...decided to do that later in the blog ,so first thing first : presenting
"THE RECIPES" hubby survived

Perfect for breakfast ,crisp and healthy!
follow the recipe to trick ur loved once to eat brown rice :
brown rice                1 cup
green mung               1/2 cup
yellow split peas        1/2 cup
red chillies                  2 pcs
fennel seeds(Saunf,sombu) few 
salt  as per taste .

Method  :
1.measure 1:1:2 ratio of green mung,yellow split peas and brown rice respectively  ,wash throughly .
2.soak rice and lentils overnight in 4 cups of water with red chillies and fennel seed .
3.make a fine paste of the above in a blender .Add salt according to taste .
4.use a ladle to pour mixture on a lightly greased hot griddle and flip if needed,note here adai batter doesn't need fermentation as dosa,so we can make creeps right away!
5. Serve with any chutney 

One can experiment with varying  the measures and also by adding new lentils ,i have tried with green split peas that gives it a green color ,adding grated carrots gives an orange and lightly sweet creep ,so try it and enjoy !


Here is a foolproof recipe that u will sure enjoy .

Ingredients  :
brown rice              1 cup
green mung             1/4 cup
cumin seeds            1 tsp
peppercorn             1 tsp
green chili               1
turmeric                  1/2 tsp
ginger                     1/2 inc"
curry leaves             few
salt                       as per taste
Asafoetida             1/4 tsp and oil  1 tsp
water                      3 cups

1.Wash the rice and mung and set aside(note here as the brown rice takes relatively longer time to cook than the other rice its good if the mung and rice are soaked overnight or for 4 hours minimum.

2. Heat a pressure cooker and add 1 tsp oil add the cumin,peppercorn and curry leaves as soon as the pepper stars to pop add turmeric ,ginger and chili .

3. Add the washed rice and mung along with 3 cups water

4.just as the water starts to bubble add Asafoetida  and salt ,give it a good mix .

                     5.Close the lid and let whistle for 10 times (yes 10 ! )

      6.Serve with ur favorite chutney ,Its goes well with all but we like it with tomato chutney the best : ) !.
So friends i will keep adding more as my experiments keep rolling , till then :

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