Thursday, January 13, 2011


Eggs for breakfast are perfect, but what if u r a vegetarian?.I bet even if u don't prefer eating eggs ,u will sure like the way i make them !
 Here is a fun trick i learned about recycling egg shells ,all one needs to do is crack the egg open towards the larger end and empty the content .Wash and dry throughly...TA DA....ur canvas is ready!
Painting human face on an egg is something i wouldn't have thought of until now, but the way expressions get conveyed to the viewers from a human egg is outrageously hilarious : )
I tried to stencil out the facial expression with a pencil first so that i can have a chance to erase if something goes wrong ,but the shell surface being smooth it's  just a piece of cake   
eggs day out
   I  couldn't stop giggling  after the sketch was done .Look at them aren't they adorable? .
The first egg from left has got an expression of terror ,the next is laughing hard enough to crack itself ,the other one is equally funny and finally my most favorite one "The indifferent egg".
The next thing i did was making the outlines bold with a permanent marker ...and done !

funny eggs 
These eggs can be made in dozens and arranged in a showcase.I could have arranged them on dinning table but then  thought better of and  put them on the top of my stove stand ,as one shouldn't  laugh while eating .
so my friends "Its nice to start the day with an egg but its better to start the day with an egg that can make us smile ! ": )