Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Growing Lettuce

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 Summer is approaching with a bliss of rain and my window garden is taking the transition quite well ,especially my lettuce plants seems to love this season .If you are thinking of including more raw veggies this summer and find salads too boring  add some bright green lettuce for that extra crunch that makes a dull summer salad appealing  .
We bought these as seedings(6 in count) about two months ago from our local garden supply store for 3 $ or so,  and since then we reap our own salad green .

  There are hundreds of varieties in lettuce ,based on the color and shape of  the leaves.The one we buy in the market basically are butterhead , iceberg or romaine,farmers market also carry the loose leaf lettuce.I used to buy iceberg variety but most of the time they ended up in the waste bin, mainly because they will grow old and bitter with in few days of purchase but now that I grow them I have the option for a fresh harvest . The one that I'm cultivating is "oak leaf" loose lettuce ,they are so called because of their resemblance to an oak leaf and ......why loose lettuce?,well mainly  because of the space restrain .The head lettuce needs more surface area ,so if one is planning for small space gardening or window gardening then loose leaf lettuce is the best option.The leaves are very delicate ,tender and have a very mild flavor, so are best served within few hours from being  plucked .
  Unlike the other veggies these plants don't need full sun ,also the leaves turns bitter if exposed to long sun. I have put them in the very corner of the window where they can only get 2 hours of sun daily .Every week i harvest the outer leaves which makes room for new onces and provides us with a delicious salad .

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