Friday, March 4, 2011


Hello friends,

 Growing up I always liked to snack on plantains ,especially a particular variety that thrives in southern part of India called karpurai vazhai -just yumm!.The once we get here in U.S may not be as delicious but are great in smoothies and cakes.

 I remember, back in India we never ran out of plantains and always ended up having more than we actually could eat,which still is the case ,and I believe most of us plantain lovers experience the same every now and then .Tell me, seriously, who wants that last piece of really ripe and sweet smelling fruit?, "you try to feed it to your sister ,brother or husband "telling them it's really full of fiber,believe me they ain't buying it! They never do

So Here is a quick trick that you can do to avoid wastage and save that extra penny !
Freeze it in 6 easy steps
Step 1 : take a cookie sheet and layer it with aluminum foil
Step 2 : cut the plantain into round pieces about an inch wide
Step 3 : line up the pieces on the try
Step 4 : freeze the tray for minimum 4 hours,I froze mine overnight.
Step 5 : Take out each piece carefully and ziplock it.
Step 6 : label it and put a date on the pack

You are a genius !
The reason why we cut them and freeze individually is to avoid lump formation .
The end product has an excellent shelf life .believe it or not I have read ,if frozen they can be used for 1year to 18months ,so don't forget to put the date on the ziplock also I read that a full freezer works better than an empty one because there is more insulation and Thats why I would never post a snap of my freezer ,it's super packed ! Last week I tried freezing spinach which turned out well,Right now sleeping in my freezer are: artichoke hearts ,sweet corn,blueberries,strawberries,green peas ,spinach ,thyme and oregano from my herb garden and some chicken. Looking forward to freeze more in the future: ),so  that's all friends for this time.
Find recipe for frozen plantain :

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  1. Hi, this reminds me of one of the episodes of Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' on Food network.... anyways...great job.... thanks for telling me spinach can be frozen...... :)

  2. Hey thank,
    Me too ,big time fan of foodnetwork and food wishes I'll make sure to watch that episode :)

  3. how do u freeze spinach. do you puree it or just the spinach. Curious to know as mine end up in trash frequently.