Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pizza dough recipe

"Healthy pizza"sounds oxymoron right?but here is an attempt to make pizza from scratch  using very little fat .Lets start with the dough for crust .Following are the ingredients required for making two medium size pizza crusts 
  • whole wheat flour :1 1/2 cup
  • all purpose flour: 1 1/2 cup+extra for dusting
  • water:1 1/2 cup( flour to water ratio - 2 : 1 )
  • yeast:1pac or 1 tsp
  • salt :2 tsp 
  • sugar :1 tsp
  • olive oil :1tsp
Making a dough can be tricky because their is no ideal water to flour ratio.Believe me,many a times in past I have pulled out pizza crust that look like rooftops,but remember patience and persistence is the key here.Follow the collage for step by step instructions.

  • start by dissolving 1tsp yeast in 3tbs lukewarm water with 1 tsp sugar  .
  • keep aside till foamy in a warm place 
  • take a bowl and measure the flour, add salt .Now mix the yeast and remaining water
  • cover this very sticky dough with a towel and let rest for an hour in a very warm place 
  • An hour later the dough should double in size (proof)resembling picture (5)  if it fails to do so leave for another 30 min in a much warmer place.
  • deflate the dough and start dusting to obtain a thicker consistency 
  • transfer the dough to working area and start kneading with hands using dry flour 
  • knead for few minutes folding the dough in until a nice shiny texture is obtained as in pic(8)coat with oil.
  • cover the dough with a towel if you are going to use it  right away,if not then zip lock and refrigerate.  
Here is a quick video tutorial :

     This recipe is just a basic idea of a crust one can always experiment.I have tried it in 100%whole wheat which turned out well .Often i make the dough in advance for the weekend coz it freezes just perfect also saves a lot of prep time.I hope that this recipe was helpful and informative .
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  1. Hey ,
    a doubt. Don't u have to knead or mix the flour and yeast water in pic 3. do u just pour the water on the flour and immediately close it?

    was planning to try this recipe. So plz guide me.. Im confused!!

  2. Hi ashwini
    This may look complicated but I know u will get it right!.The dough needs to be gently mixed or in other words combined well with the yeast and water(in stp3) kneading comes after proofing.hope this helps:). let me know how it turns out.

  3. Yes you are right it is just not pouring the water on the flour it needs to be mixed and yes it should be immediately covered and kept in a warm place .

  4. Hey,
    I made this pizza dough today..Must say it came out better than what I had expected.. the recipe is good. though mine came out a bit hard..well may be bcoz of some of my mistakes....but yet it tasted sooo good. im so happy. have freezed some of the the dough for weekend.
    thanks for the amazing recipe. next time il bake for a less time. definaely im gonna keep using this recipe in the future..

  5. Thats really Great ! thanx for the response : )

  6. Hey , had a batch of dough in freezer and this weekend i baked for just 10 mins..and it came out sooooooo nice..thnks:)

  7. I'm so happy for u ashwini!.enjoy:)