Friday, March 11, 2011


Hello friends
The climate has been super sunny  for the past few days which means super cool smoothies are back in season.Healthy and refreshing , smoothie is the best way to keep our bodies hydrated but some store bought ones can seriously shoot up the sugar level and have lots of artificial flavoring .This recipe is an attempt to make a lighter version of the entire nations favorite summer drink-Fruit Smoothie 

Makes two Tall glass 
blueberries :            1/4 cup
Strawberry :            1/2 cup
banana :                  1 
milk :                       1 cup
vanilla essence :       1/2 tsp
agave/honey /sugar :as per taste 

One can easily add or omit  fruits as per preference but remember some fruits ,citrus in particular don't go well with milk .The sweeting part also is totally up to one's taste.In this recipe i have used agave nectar because it is very low in GI ,you can substitute with honey or any other sweetener or none at all.

1)slice the bananas and strawberries and place in the blender
2)add blueberries ,chilled milk and vanilla
3) pulse on and off till well blended
4)add the required amount of sweetener
5)pour in a tall glass 
for the topping on glass
6)slit a strawberry on the end and fix it on the rim of glass 
7)serve chilled 
The milk used here is fat free ,as I earlier mentioned this is a lighter version but you don't have to be paranoid like me use whole milk if you wish that will make the smoothie even more tasty ,also I cheated with the blueberries and banana both were frozen but they tasted none the less .I hope that you enjoy and try this recipe out, to beat the heat off -all summer long!

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  1. Cool....... Started to enjoy Spring ?

  2. Hi shanti,
    How r u guys doing?yes we r about to welcome spring: )