Friday, August 10, 2012

Homemade Frozen chappati/roti/paranthas

This recipe is a keeper,that is if you spend good money on store bought ones.We don't eat  much of frozen food but I just like the idea of pre-cooked meals -saves ample amount of time ,which as a new mom I have to agree ,is hard to find,hence,Greenhouse cuisine has decided to include more quick and easy recipes in the time to come .Lets see now how to make this low fat,wholegrain,homemade frozen chappati .

whole wheat flour/atta : 2 cups 
water : 3/4 cup or adjust accordingly(ratio will change with the quality and brand of wheat )
salt : as per taste 
oil: to spray 
parchment paper :as needed

  • start with 2 cups of whole wheat flour,add salt according to your taste.
  •  make a well in the center and add water little by little to form a soft dough adjust the water ratio according to the dough you are using,for instant the king arthur brand whole wheat flour will take a lot more water than ashirvad brand atta /flour so take care and form a soft dough
  • Take out a portion  and start rolling using a little dry flour into desired size
  •  transfer this to a hot fumy griddle and cook just until you start to notice little bubbles on the top this may take 30 to 40 sec ,cool completely before  transferring to a freeze friendly dish 
  • arrange these with parchment paper sandwiched between each piece.This is to make sure once frozen they don't stick to each other
  • Next step is  flash freezing this helps us to get an even frozen layer and perfectly frozen individual pieces. Let it be for a minimum of 30 minutes 
  • Once frozen you can transfer these into ziplock bags ,date them and remove any air using a vacuum suction 
  • Cook as many as and when needed and keep the rest frozen 
  1. Keeps good for 2-3 months,not that they lasted so long in my house ,but according to the USDA you can do so refer : ( for freezer charts
  2. These are par-cooked ,I have tried freezing them full cooked but they turned out a bit brittle and crunchy so let me know if you have good results in freezing any.
Here is a quick video:

Thank you !


  1. How to flash freeze?

    1. Hello ,
      Flash freezing is when you put an item to be frozen ,lied out all neat in a cookie sheet or plate in one single layer, directly into the freezer,with out any cover ,just for a little time until it is completely frozen.Once frozen it is taken out and packaged in an airtight container or Ziploc bag .This step is followed because if we freeze the whole bulk together,it will stick to each other .Hope this helps

  2. Nice post, I bookmark your blog because I found very good information on your blog, Thanks for sharing more informatiom

    1. Hi Eswari - this is a nice post. Can you clarify if one needs to flash freeze only one / two rotis at a time? Or can one flash freeze 10-20 chapatis stacked over each other?